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The First Conference on Cardiovascular Diseases


Location : Islamic University - Gaza

Conference Date : Oct 10-11, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

The Faculty of Medicine in Islamic University in cooperation with the European Hospital in Gaza will held their First Conference on Cardiovascular Diseases. This conference will help our doctors to keep themselves updated about the latest development in cardiovascular diseases. Additionally this conference will enhance our young doctors to do their best to keep themselves at high international standards and to prepare themselves for future international medical conferences.

Epidemiology of coronary and peripheral vascular disease:

  1. Causes, mechanisms and risk factors for atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases
  2. Incidence of ischemic heart disease and peripheral vascular disease

Diagnosis and treatment methods of coronary and peripheral vascular disease:

  1. Non-invasive methods for CAD
  2. Chronic ischemic heart disease
  3. Acute coronary syndrome (STEMI, NSTEMI, USAP)
  4. New diagnostic methods of coronary artery disease
  5. History of cardiac catheterization in Gaza Strip
  6. Evaluation of results of coronary angiography
  7. Cardiovascular intervention (PCI, PTA, CABG)
  8. Incidence of coronary anomaly
  9. Peripheral artery diseases and treatment
  10. Up-to-date in treatment of varicose veins
  11. Venous diseases and treatment
  12. Up-to-date in diagnosis and treatment of aortic aneurysms
  13. Up-to-date in diagnosis and treatment of carotid artery disease
  14. Case presentations


Techniques in preventive cardiology:

  1. Preventive cardiology for normal persons
  2. Preventive techniques in high risk groups (DM, HTN, Chronic renal failure)
  3. The role of nutrition in cardiovascular diseases
  4. Up-to-date in Diagnosis and treatment of metabolic syndrome



Participants from outside Gaza strip can presents their works through videoconference or alternatively through poster presentations.

Abstracts submission

Abstracts should be submitted to Dr. Jehad Hammad at or at

All presentations should be sent in English. However, during the congress, presentations and discussions will be made in Arabic or English.

Deadline for submission: July 15, 2009


Technical Equipment in the Halls
Conference rooms are equipped with a LCD data projectors, computers, together with other standard sound equipments. Additionally we have special well equipped videoconference rooms.

Poster presentations

There will be a special corner for poster presentations.

The final design of the posters should be sent to Dr. Jehad Hammad at or at

The preferred dimensions for the poster is 70cm X 100cm.











As. Prof. : Mohammed Habib, MD, PhD









Cardiovascular Conference Registration Form


Please print or type:








Primary Medical Speciality:

o Adult Cardiologist

o Pediatric Cardiologist

o Adult Interventional Cardiologist

o Pediatric Interventional Cardiologist

o CV Surgeon

o Radiologist

o Family/General Practitioner

o Nurse

o Technician

o Other (please specify)________________________________




Abstract or study title:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Abstract or study:

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